Trade the turn system

Some criticisms have been raised about fair trade systems. Fair Trade was actually sold on Fair Trade markets, just enough trade the turn system recoup the costs of certification.

Some research indicates that the implementation of certain fair trade standards can cause greater inequalities in some markets where these rigid rules are inappropriate for the specific market. In the fair trade debate, there are complaints of failure to enforce the fair trade standards, with producers, cooperatives, importers and packers profiting by evading them. It has been argued that this causes «death and destitution». This has been used as evidence to doubt that much of the extra money paid reaches farmers, and that there is reason to believe that Fairtrade harms non-Fairtrade farmers. There are criticisms that false claims made for fair trade and the withholding of relevant information constitute Unfair Trading under EU law. There are also criticisms using many other criteria.

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However, these claims have themselves been criticized on matters of fact, theory, methodology, use of evidence and incorrect citations. The evidence available suggests that little of the extra money paid by consumers actually reaches the farmers. Furthermore, retailers almost never sell identical Fairtrade and non-Fairtrade lines side by side, so it is rarely possible to determine how much extra is charged or how much reaches the producers in spite of Unfair Trading legislation. In a very few cases, it has been possible to find out.

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Fairtrade, and that only 11. Critics claim that many counter-examples would be needed to show that these are not typical. Since Fairtrade charges a 1. The Fairtrade Foundation does not monitor how much of the extra money paid to the exporting cooperatives reaches the farmer. The cooperatives incur certification and inspection fees, additional marketing costs, costs in meeting the Fairtrade political standards, and possibly costs arising from the monopoly power of the cooperative.