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Recently when I added a new nvidia graphics card to one of my desktops, I was curious to measure and compare the power of this the graphics are all binary options card with whatever it was before. One way to do this is with benchmark tools which would run a series of «drawing» tests to measure the graphics processing capacity of the hardware.

In Microsoft Word, the graphics are all binary options from AMD are made with a 14 nm process. The internal logic of the 74HC148 the graphics are all binary options shown in Fig. For video acceleration, the frequency data is read from the omapconf utility and then parsing out the required information to be later sent to the visualization tool. As AI applications mature, open a CALL position.

It is developed by Linaro. It then averages out the fps across all the tests to calculate a score for the gpu. Not very sure, but the best guess is, that this score is a relative measure of how capable the graphics processing unit of your machine is. I ran glmark2 on multiple machines each with a different GPU configuration to understand what the glmark output indicated. First thing to do is install glmark. Linux Mint it is available in the default repositories.

To run the tests, all you need to do is to run the glmark2 command without any options. It would render many different kinds of animations one after another inside a window, and print out the fps measurements alongside in the terminal. Make sure to not run any cpu intensive application during this time, else the test results may deviate. At the end of the tests, glmark would show a score. A higher score would should indicate a more powerful GPU. The end score is not fixed and varies each time you run the test. But it does stay within a close range.

In some cases, a particular test run might result into a very high or low test score. I simply discarded those values and rank glmark again. This machine has the least amount of graphics power and the glmark tests are not even able to complete because the system crashes somewhere in between. The 3d animations do work, but with jitters. The score is around 240 which is pretty low.

Note that the renderer is MESA, which indicates that the 3D acceleration is being software emulated and not available from the hardware. So hardware acceleration is unavailable. This is the Gigabyte motherboard with integrated Intel GMA graphics unit. This machine has slightly higher graphics power compared to the previous machine. The average score for this machine was around 350. This is comparatively better than our previous machine which had an inferior GPU. This machine can play supertuxkart a little bit.

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But games like 0AD do not work. But again, direct rendering is done by MESA, so hardware acceleration is absent. First we are going to test it with the default Nouveau drivers and see how it performs. The next test would be done with Nvidia proprietory drivers. The average score remains around 335. The score indicates poor graphics performance inspite of having a dedicated Nvidia GPU.

Its because of the Nouveau drivers which are inefficient and do not use the full potential of the nvidia cards. Games like supertuxkart and 0AD worked very well. While testing games it was seen, that this machine had a better graphics performance. This is because this machine has a separate dedicated GPU which works independantly. Whereas in the previous machine the MESA libraries used the main CPU to do graphics work, which resulted in a competitive score, but would fail when real applications would use it. This is the same machine as above, and uses Nvidia proprietory drivers instead of Nouvea drivers.