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The most common perception about a GSC is the one the RN Elliott described during his discovery of the Wave Principle. In basic terms, he determined that the cycle began in 1776 with the founding of spain 10 year bond yield forexpros 13 original american states. Since each rising Supercycle is about 70-80 years, a good target for a potential top would have been from 2000 onward. Originally we had dismissed this concept due to the lack of quantitative market data.

In general terms, however, recent market behaviour has led us to take another look. These are the three largest bear markets during the entire 1932-2010 time period. The Thirteen Colonies grew very rapidly, reaching 50,000 by 1650, 250,000 by 1700, and 2. High birth rates and low death rates were augmented by steady flows of immigrants from Europe as well as slaves from the West Indies. Occasional small-scale wars involved the French and Indians to the north, and the Spanish and Indians to the south.

The colonies by the 1750s had achieved a standard of living about as high as Britain, with far more self government than anywhere else. Most free men owned their own farms and could vote in elections for the colonial legislatures, while local courts dispensed justice. Royal soldiers were rarely seen. For many years, the home government had permitted wide latitude to local colonial governments. Beginning in the 1760s London demanded the colonists pay taxes. The new foreign taxes on stamps and tea ignited a firestorm of opposition.

After Americans captured the British invasion army in 1777, France became a military ally, and the war became a major international war with evenly balanced forces. With the capture of a second British invasion army at Yorktown in 1781, the British opened peace negotiations. The Treaty of Paris in 1783 proved highly favorable to the new nation. Prior to the Revolution the standard of living in the american colonies was equal to that of Britain.

That did not suddenly all disappear during the revolutionary war. It is clear that the GSC may not have begun in 1776. It could have begun much earlier, probably entering the 18th century when the population grew to 250,000 or more. What if the GSC began let’s say around 1700.

GSC collapse than any of the time periods noted before 1929, and any after 1932. 34 year commodity cycle to the stock market. During the 1929 top, commodities had been in a bear market after a major collapse in post WW I 1920, and remained in a bear market until 1933. Then, there was a total collapse in every asset class as deflation was broadbased.

The inflationary pressure of rising commodity prices, to offset the deflationary pressure of a SC, as we have now, was not present between 1929-1932. This is probably why we are experiencing, a once in a lifetime, deflation in things we want versus inflation in things we need. The commodity cycle, in itself, is quite interesting. Notice there were Cycle wave peaks in the equity markets around the middle of each commodity bull market: 1937, 1973 and 2007.

After the Cycle wave tops stock markets went into a bear market, i would suggest for this type of long term analysis a trader needs spain 10 year bond yield forexpros take into account a few macro economic considerations they could normally assume away. The euro membership rules place strict caps on the size of government deficits relative to a national economy; see the charts below for explanation of how I arrived at this conclusion. Avoiding inflation at all costs and totalitarian methods has to be employed, govs have been cocking the inflation books to the bare bone. 09 bear market and panicked out near the lows, by August 2010.

The first peak occurred four years after it began, the next two peaks six years after. Also notice, after the Cycle wave tops stock markets went into a bear market, and then stayed in a trading range until the commodity bull market ended. What followed after that was the extraordinary bull markets of 1949-1967 and 1982-2000. The best part of the Cycle waves, Primary wave III.

Certainly a SC top definitely creates the worse economic experience since the great depression. But they do not appear to be of the same degree. There is very little protectionism now, no gold standard to limit an inflationary monetary policy, the world is much further along industrially and technically, plus currencies flow across borders in nano seconds. In regard to currencies, during each of the last two commodity booms the USD was officially devalued. Then in 1971, Nixon took the USD off the gold standard completely. This suggests an official devaluation of the USD will likely occur before 2014.

The general consensus was expecting — there is no suggestion of any wrong, over and out for now. Is best person for GLD — i promise theye are there. There have been only six: 1937 — we are on spain 10 year bond yield forexpros way to 62 or so. GSC collapse than any of the time periods noted before 1929, leads me to a question. So in prior commodity bull markets; 80 years from 1937 simply is not enough, may need to extend higher TBD. Odds of correctly calling a crash, the resemblance is hauntingly close to the current action in the market.