Roll call vote on nuclear option

Republicans tended to call the «constitutional option». This roll call vote on nuclear option in rules would eliminate filibusters of judicial confirmation votes.

The theory behind the «nuclear option» was that the Senate had the right to determine its own rules and that those rules could be determined on the basis of a simple majority vote. 3 majority was required to change Senate rules. Senate rules could not constrain that power. Republicans had only a two-vote majority in the 108th Congress, so they were in a weak position to implement this procedural maneuver.

Things changed by 2005 due to the 2004 elections. President Bush won re-election, and the Republicans gained three Senate seats for a 55-45 majority in the 109th Congress, so the «nuclear option» became a more viable strategy. Its predicted failure was expected to start the Republicans moving to «nuclear option». Some Senators in both parties wanted to find an alternative way out. In the end, seven Senators from each party agreed to a compromise which stated, in essence, that Democratic filibusters would come to an end in «all but extraordinary circumstances,» and the GOP would not use the «nuclear option». These Senators, dubbed the «Gang of 14», signed an agreement, pertaining to the 109th Congress only.

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In return, the seven Republicans agreed they would not vote to carry out the «nuclear option. 109th Congress, this agreement meant that there would be 62 votes for cloture in the specified cases, ending those filibusters, and only 48 votes for the «nuclear option», which would be defeated. While thwarting the goals of their respective party leaderships, the group members were hailed as moderates who put aside partisanship to do what was best for the Senate. At the same time, some of the Republican members of the Gang of 14 were attacked by conservatives for their participation in this agreement. Court, but came to no conclusions, noting that the hearing process had only just begun in his case. On January 30, 2006, the members of the group unanimously supported a cloture vote on the Alito nomination, providing more than enough votes to prevent a filibuster. The Senators listed below served in the 109th Congress.