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Check Out My Publications Page. BELOW, KEEP YOUR EYE ON BOND MARKET ACTION. Trading involves risk and you could lose your entire investment. You and you alone are responsible for your own investment decisions and any consequences thereof. Powered By Gregory Mannarino, The Robin Hood Of Wall Street.

Gregory Mannarino’s personal publications page. Please forward this error screen to 77. Robinhood penny stocks are all the rage right now, but are they any good for serious day traders? Many traders have warmed up to the platform and so many are doing their research into Robinhood penny stocks. This brings two issues into the equation.

The first is the practical way in which Robinhood penny stocks work and second, the alternatives to Robinhood in light of these practicalities. As the company has stated on its website, the platform was founded on the premise that a technology-driven brokerage can, and should, be able to operate on significantly lower overheads than your traditional brokerage. Out of this stance, Robinhood has staked its offering on the promise of not charging the traditional fees that come with trading stocks. The question is really just another way of asking of a day trader: can you in actual fact, trade penny stocks on the platform? There is anecdotal evidence out there that some users have managed to trade penny stocks on Robinhood . But keep in mind that anecdotal evidence is not ironclad evidence and is subject to all sorts of fluctuations, interpretations, and misunderstandings. The issue has to do with It has to do with fills and trade executions.

These are painfully slow and given the inherent practicalities of speed when it comes to penny stocks, this makes the platform somewhat unhelpful to the penny stock day trader. The benefit of lower fees is not compensated for because Robinhood is not a direct access broker. The answer to that is quite simple, actually. Penny stocks are tradeable on a large number of platforms outside of disruptive platforms like Robinhood. For that we’ve always advocated leveraging the research and insights of people who dedicated themselves to finding really good penny stocks. Connor Penny Stocks: Should You Try It?

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