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Online currency trading forex trading course21 is the impact on exchange rates from political uncertainty? What is the FTSE and the London Stock Exchange? Can political impact change how investors assess a currency?

Which countries do we know of that are either very safe or unsafe? Read more to understand how certain political factors can influence exchange rates. A factor that may highly influence the exchange rate in the short, medium and long term are political unrest. The main reason is that it is difficult to estimate what will happen in a country with political unrest. It also give questions about how economic policy will look like in the future.

As an investors, you probobly have to pay for this kind of concern, which may be reflected in the exchange rate and foreign investment in the country. Political uncertainty makes it difficult to value assets in the future, since unexpected policy decisions may quickly change the valuation of a currency. In such situations, the exchange rates tend to weakened and be more volatile. At the same time, the willingness of investors to have their money invested in the country fall sharply, because you do not know exactly which politics will be conducted in the future. As an example of political unrest, we have Venezuela been talking about nationalizing certain assets and later also done that. In such situations, investors are forced to sell their assets, way below market prices. The one only only allowed buyer will be the state.

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In such situations, many investors escape, thus reducing the demand of the currency and weaken the country’s exchange rate. Other examples of political concern is when a country changes its government all too often and thus are not consistent with their elections. It creates political uncertainty because you do not know exactly when and how a new government will lead the country. Around election year there may be some political unrest, especially in countries where the outcome are very uncertain. This may of course lead to volatile exchange rate. There are also political unrest which are global, such as the Iraq war, September 11, etc. In such cases, smaller currencies tend to be affected adversely because all investors are looking for strong and stable currencies to invest, and in some cases also countries with a strong militarily force.

The reason behind are that investors believe such countries provide a good protection for the assets. One of the best examples may be the U. You can see that in situations with political unrest, the U. Zimbabwe: Chaos, mass unemployment and hyper inflation have been the latest years track record. Thailand: an increased political uncertainty have developed during 2009. Israel: Bombs and explosions are nothing forex traders appreciate when chosing a currency to invest in. Russia: Political unrest and rivality have been common the last decade.

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