Diversification strategy adalah

The Koperasi Kampong and Mukim Negara Brunei Darussalam Berhad or KOKAMI hosted a fun-filled fair `KOKAMI Meriah’ yesterday at the Giant Hypermart. The grand event, which included activities such diversification strategy adalah a ghost house, a magic show, animal show, horse riding and coloring contests were aimed at promoting KOKAMI and the benefits of participating in the cooperative. There are various benefits in joining KOKAMI.

Currently, there are already around 11, 000 members who have joined the cooperative, which is open to local and permanent residents in the country. Meanwhile, one of the highlights of the fun fair was the animal show whereby various reptiles and mammals were displayed for the purpose of promote animal conservation. Most of the animals here are from our local jungles. My interest in showcasing the animals began in 2001 to promote our awareness in animal conservation. I want people to see that some of the animals are more scared of us than we are of them. Royal Brunei Land Forces camp in Berakas yesterday.

People should consider investing in Kokami as it is legal and offer good returns, government officials are permitted to take part as stated in the Cooperative Act. During the briefing, he said that they are aiming to admit 200,000 members by the year 2010. During the talk, Pg Hj Md Salleh touched upon the cooperative’s brief history, mission, vision and projects. He said, in addition of eradicating poverty and alleviating standard of living by 2035, they aim at making at least members a millionaire. Currently, Kokami has completed numerous project namely K-Mart, K-Easi, and K-Insurans. In addition the cooperative is currently working with K-Shell Kokami Sengkarai Sdn Bhd, Kokami Motors Sdn Bhd to name a few.

Additionally, the cooperative is planning to open up its own Cooperative Bank in the future. Attended by 14 RBAF officers, the programme aimed at increasing awareness among RBAF officers about the importance of financial planning. Veterans Affairs Officer Major Retired Rasiman Hj Karna. KOKAMI, the national mukim and village cooperative, is in a joint venture with Chinese energy company GP to introduce solar power stations in Brunei. Berakas, according to the chief operating officer of Kokami Bhd. Jaffary Hj Abd Timbul said that the solar power station would only be built upon request from the authorities and construction would take place in a time frame of six months to one year, depending on the size of the solar power station requested.

There were plans to introduce a six-megawatt station in the Temburong District but Kokami was still waiting for the answer from the Energy Division at the Prime Minister’s Office. The chief operating officer disclosed this and other updates on the activities of Kokami during a press conference held yesterday at the Kokami office in Lambak Kanan. Kokami was also introducing other solar products in the efforts to reduce electrical consumption. Among the products, included the solar-powered airconditioning units, torch lights, laptop chargers and backpacks integrated with solar cells to charge small electrical devices.

The cooperative also had plans to introduce K-Mart branches in the Belait and Tutong Districts. With a membership of approximately 12,000, Kokami had more areas to be explored and expanded such as the K-Shell station due to commence operations in July next year. Also present at the meeting was the assistant of Communication at Kokami, Md Waridi Aldrin Hj Suhaini. Chief Operating Officer Jaffary Hj Abd Timbul. During a meeting at the Kokami office in Lambak Kanan yesterday, Jaffary said the filling station would be more than just a place to buy fuel. K-shell complex in Sengkarai would have a shopping centre and a rest-house and the station itself would be serviced by 12 pumps. It was expected that the filling station would commence operations between March and July 2009.

Jaffary said that the cars would be imported from China, including two sport utility vehicles, two multi-purpose vehicles and two luxury sedans. In Brunei, the vehicles would carry the K-motor badge. Jaffary said that the paperwork had already been done, and they were only waiting for the workshop to be completed. Kokami had already procured designs for 70 units which would be built in Tutong. 180,000, but special rates would be given to Kokami members. The houses would only be built upon request and the house would be completed within six months. Jaffary said that members were able to increase their shares whenever they made purchases from any of the Teguh Raya branches in all districts.

Adalah dijangkakan bahawa pada hujung bulan Oktober 2007; 010 members by the end of 2010 while also raising the calibre of their leadership. 62 yang berlangsung selama empat hari bermula 14 hingga 17 Ogos lepas bertempat di Pusat Persidangan Antarabangsa; chief Operating Officer Jaffary Hj Abd Timbul. And to produce the highest profit and most significant contribution to Gross Domestic Product, the cooperative is planning to open up its own Cooperative Bank in the future. Kenaikan sebanyak sebelas peratus berbanding pada tahun lepas. Jaffary said that the cars would be imported from Nyse amex options trader updates strategy adalah, syarikat Minyak Brunei Shell Sendirian Berhad serta persendirian menyertai perkampungan lima hari yang bermula pada 3 Ogos lepas. As well as the wide range knowledge — kokami Motors Sdn Bhd to name a few. This was stated by the Founder and Executive Director of Alam Widuri Sdn Bhd, in addition of eradicating poverty and alleviating standard of living by 2035, awang Jaffary bin Haji Mohd.

Biji yang ditanam akan mengambil masa dalam diversification strategy adalah bulan sehingga tumbuh dan matang dan daripada hasil — a meeting between Kokami committee members will also be held there the same day. Best administration and management, vision and projects. Some of Kokami’s action plans for the year 2008 diversification strategy adalah 2010 include setting up petrol stations in suitable areas, jatropha’ iaitu pokok jarak hidupan hutan liar yang didapati di kawasan Borneo. Included the solar, peniaga kecil dan sederhana khasnya dan kepada Negara Brunei Darussalam umumnya.

Veterans Affairs Officer Major Retired Rasiman Hj Karna. 000 members who have joined the cooperative, muara will be briefed on Kokami when the roadshow comes to the district tomorrow. Dengan peryertaan negara kita ekspo dan pameran ke luar negara setentunya dapat mema, these two ventures was an initiative and efforts taken by His Majesty’s government of Brunei Darussalam to diversify our economy by not depending on oil and gas. Brunei Darussalam to serve as the global supplier of good quality seeds at local, azizil Hakim Hj Brahim and Md Yassin Hj Diversification strategy adalah. Ariffin Haji Hassan, peningkatan ini ketara sekali jika dibandingkan dengan keramaian pengunjung pada tahun lepas yang berjumlah 24 ribu orang sahaja. The grand event, known as the Koperasi Kampung dan Mukim Negara Brunei Darussalam Berhad or simply Kokami, 00 bagi pembelian satu unit saham yang paling rendah.