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We study the correlation between China and US agricultural futures markets in both returns and volatilities. Emerging as the earliest futures markets, agricultural futures markets play an important role in risk aversion aust stock exchange trading hours price discovery.

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With the integration of global economy, the linkage between domestic and international futures markets becomes closer than ever. Chinese and American markets in both returns and volatility. China and the US varied before 2014 both in direction and order in different time periods. However, China leads the US for all the three kinds we study after 2014. Agricultural commodities subject to less import restrictions and government regulations in China such as soybean are more susceptible to the fluctuations from the international markets. On the other hand, lower foreign trade openness and more government regulation species such as wheat are less affected by fluctuations from outside.

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The volatility transmission from the US to China wheat futures market takes longer time than soybean, which suggests that China’s soybean futures market is more closely linked to the international agricultural futures market than wheat. Check if you have access through your login credentials or your institution. Please forward this error screen to 198. Copyright MMXI Terrapinn Holdings Ltd.